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A world of two extremes; One side forever facing the sun - forever blessed and cursed by its rays. The other, lost in a sea of black with only the stars' light to cast a shadow.

The God facing region, The Ignis as it is called throughout Dyad, is full of deserts, deadly heat, and even magma as you move further into the center of the region. Still, despite such a hostile environment, terrifying beasts and monsters have been known to live deep within this hell of a world. Some dare to venture out into this land, seeking adventure, fame, and fortune, but most who dare to explore never return.


The opposite region, The Umbra as it is called, is as calm as it is deadly. Few venture past the fading blue kiss of Prak's rays, but those who do enter a world of shadows that gives even the bravest of adventurers a chill to their bone. Unimaginable creatures dwell between icy caverns and slow moving glaciers. This desolate world expands onward for thousands of miles, and who knows what could lie ahead.

Dyad does, however, have peace. Between these savage worlds lies a ring of beauty. The Opa: a lush oasis of infinite twilight filled with diverse, thriving, and intelligent organisms of all shapes and sizes. Many streams, lakes, and oceans scape this unique world, and Prak can always be seen on the horizon. Seasons are determined by the winds that carry heat from the Ignis or cold from the Umbra. The few stars littered across the slow moving sky mark the passing of time; for seasons in the Opa are as unpredictable as anything else in the world of Dyad.